Monday, May 31, 2010

Lollipop Burp Cloth Tutorial

Very similar to my previous post - Cupcake Baby Blanket Tutorial

Now I'm posting my directions for making the 

Lollipop Burp Cloth Tutorial

1. Materials: burp cloth, small card stock, cellophane (or shrink wrap), scissors, scallop edgy scissors, lollipop sticks, coordinating ribbons, rubber bands (or hair bands in case you don't have any ;) ),  scotch tape, and scrapbook paper to match.

2. Folding your burp cloth: See the pictures below on how I folded one of my Edgy Burpies which can be found in my Etsy Shop for $7/pair.  This takes some playing around with.  You might decide that folding yours a different way will give you a more preferred outcome.

3. Roll it up!

5. Bind it with a rubber band.

6. Find something around the house about the same size as your roll and trace it on the card stock.  Cut out the circle.  It is going to serve as a backing for your lollipop stick and to set your burp cloth roll on before wrapping.  I actually used card stock that had a really cute print on the other side so that even the backside of my lollipop looks cute!

7. Tape lollipop stick to the paper circle you just cut out.  Also, I used my scallop edgy scissors to cut that little strip of scrapbook paper you see wrapped around my lollipop.  I taped it to keep it on.

8. Voila!  Now you have a cute little treat which makes a wonderful baby shower gift!


Ashley said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing!

Alaina said...

You are very welcome! I'm planning some other tutorials so keep watching!

Burp Cloth Diapers said...

Love this! So adorable. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. What a cute idea!

quilt4fun2 said...

Your clothes are wonderful useful gifts...I love the idea to make lollipops! Knitted wash clothes would work well for a wedding shower!
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