Monday, May 31, 2010

Lollipop Burp Cloth Tutorial

Very similar to my previous post - Cupcake Baby Blanket Tutorial

Now I'm posting my directions for making the 

Lollipop Burp Cloth Tutorial

1. Materials: burp cloth, small card stock, cellophane (or shrink wrap), scissors, scallop edgy scissors, lollipop sticks, coordinating ribbons, rubber bands (or hair bands in case you don't have any ;) ),  scotch tape, and scrapbook paper to match.

2. Folding your burp cloth: See the pictures below on how I folded one of my Edgy Burpies which can be found in my Etsy Shop for $7/pair.  This takes some playing around with.  You might decide that folding yours a different way will give you a more preferred outcome.

3. Roll it up!

5. Bind it with a rubber band.

6. Find something around the house about the same size as your roll and trace it on the card stock.  Cut out the circle.  It is going to serve as a backing for your lollipop stick and to set your burp cloth roll on before wrapping.  I actually used card stock that had a really cute print on the other side so that even the backside of my lollipop looks cute!

7. Tape lollipop stick to the paper circle you just cut out.  Also, I used my scallop edgy scissors to cut that little strip of scrapbook paper you see wrapped around my lollipop.  I taped it to keep it on.

8. Voila!  Now you have a cute little treat which makes a wonderful baby shower gift!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Made it in an Etsy Treasury!!

I'm SUPER excited!

Customer Appreciation Week

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I've been thinking...I'd like to reward my previous customers.  Here it is:

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Friday, May 21, 2010

My first tutorial- Cupcake Baby Blanket

Here it is-- My very FIRST TUTORIAL!  Here we go:

Cupcake Baby Blanket Shower Gift

I have noticed these super sweet and yummy looking gifts quite a bit lately and decided that it was time to try and make one myself!  Here is what the finished product looks like:

1. Materials- baby receiving blanket (this is one that I made to sell in my shop, cellophane, rubber bands (I have NONE, so I used hair bands :) ), ribbons to match, large piece of cute scrapbook paper to match, scallop scissors (bought at Joann's on sale for $2.39!), transparent tape, ruler, and regular scissors.

2. Folding- I just tried several ways until I found what looked best.  Look at the following pictures to see how I folded.  Basically, I wanted a really long and narrow strip.  I folded lengthwise (hot dog style!) several times.

3. Roll it up!  Keep it tight.  It reminded me of rolling up a sleeping bag on old camping trips and sleepovers.  This flannel is MUCH easier. :)

4. Here is is all rolled up.  While you're rolling, play around with it.  You might want to roll it so that the outer edges are further down and the middle is raised (kind of like a cupcake!)

5. Secure with a rubber band:

6. Measure the height of your cupcake and then cut a strip of paper that is about half that size.  I traced with a pencil and then cut with my scallop scissors close to the pencil line.  Then, take that strip and wrap it around the roll and secure it with your tape. (confession- my paper was not long enough to all of the way around.  If this happens to you, you can do like me and just ignore that there is a gap in the back, OR you cut along the diagonal of the paper. I chose not to go that route because my paper had words on it.)

7. Finally, use your cellophane wrap and then tie it up with ribbons and a cute little gift tag.  I made my gift card out of some decorative card stock used for scrapbooking.  PRESTO!  An easy and cute gift!  Get ready for all of the oooohs and ahhhhhs at your next baby shower! :)

Variations: I've seen some with cute little crocheted strawberries or cherries on top of the roll.  If I'd had some, I would have done that!  Instead of cellophane, you can use shrink wrap.  I chose cellophane because it is cheaper and I don't mind that it isn't super tight.  Tulle is also a cute way to wrap up your cupcake.  You can also use a coffee filter to mimic a cupcake liner.  Might be cute to go between your paper wrapper and the blanket roll.  Be inventive- have fun! 

Check back next week to see how to make a little lollipop burp cloth gift!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cake Balls

Have you had any cake balls yet?  The are so DELECTABLE!  In case you're like me and are new to cake balls, they are little ball shaped cakes covered in a candy coating.  My favorite thus far have been lemon.  I am really looking forward to baking some of my own, but for now I'll just have to live off of my memories.  I've already found a great recipe on  My favorite place to search for something new!  Take a look!  I never had one until Christmas.  Where have they been??  Have I just been missing out or is this a recipe that's been all over for a while now?  Please comment and let me know!

NEWS!!  I actually had an appendectomy last week and I'm still recovering.  This means I'll have to wait another week or so until I make some delicious cake balls.  Check back to see when I make them and how they turn out. :)  YUMMY!