Sunday, February 28, 2010

Night Owl Edgy Quilt for Baby

This weekend I completed this quilt.  
It's probably my favorite so far:
The Night Owl Edgy Quilt

Just like the others it measures approximately 28" by 39".
The back has two different minky colors- 
denim blue and pistachio green.

It also features the little detailed edgy owl on the bottom left corner:

A quilt similar to this one can be ordered for $90 (which includes shipping costs to US).

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day and Another Tote

Here is what I got yesterday for Valentine's Day from  . :)
He took me out for dinner and we saw Valentine's Day - cute movie.

I was also able to get this tote finished for a friend.  You'd be surprised how difficult it was to find red, black, and white fabrics that I liked and actually matched each other.  I think it was worth the wait though.  

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Low Down... or is it Down Low???

So I have been SWAMPED at work.  SERIOUSLY!  I feel like I'm living in a swamp with that icky, murky, olive green "stuff" surrounding my feet.  I have a bajillion things to take care of and on top of that I'm going to be gone most of next week to a conference.  I'm looking forward to it, btw, but it just means I have that much less time to get things accomplished.  I should be working on something other than this right now, but I just wanted to share my newest SWEETHEART!
Be Mine Blankie 

What do you think?  You can check it out in my store.