Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sneak Peak

Here is a sneak peak at some new Boutique Burp Cloths that 
will be in my shop soon! (I'm actually just waiting for more of my fabric labels to come in the mail so I can sew them on!)

Remember- they are made using chinese cotton prefold cloth diapers (4x6x4 ply).  They are DSQ (Diaper Service Quality) which is WAY better than the Gerber prefolds- no offence, it's just true.  I'd know I've used them both for my burpies and you can tell the difference just by looking at them.
Take a look at these super cute new burpies!

Another difference is that these are more of a twill 
whereas the Gerber ones were birdseye cloth.
They are also heavier and fluffier. 


Anonymous said...

Love your new fabric!

Alaina said...

Thanks I love them too! :)
Keep watching to see what else I make with them!!