Tuesday, April 13, 2010

BRAND New Item- Crayon Roll-Up

It's finally here:
The Crayon Roll-Up

Easy stow-n-go crayon roll-up can be a HUGE help when your child is feeling a little creative or you're out of ideas to keep him/her occupied!  It has 15 slots and will tie up with ribbon.  They can be found in my shop right now!

This one comes complete with 15 crayons.  


Edit-- Realized today that my current pattern will only hold 15 not 16 like I originally thought- HA!  I'll be adjusting the pattern so I CAN fit 16.  :)


Keila said...

LOVE IT!! Perfect for my students and for Kaydan!!! I will need to get with you about this one!! :)

Alaina said...

Thanks! Yes, it would be good for Kaydan! I'll have some others soon or I could make him with with guitar fabric like Brodie's quilt.