Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cannibal Cookies and a New Baby

This past week, my friend had her third baby.  He is a dream.  
Meet Landon:
Landon-and I at the hospital.

Here he is making a little face for the camera.

Here is big sister, Lydia.  Yes, she is a doll!

And big brother, Logan.  :)  He did NOT want his picture taken.  Probably because he is so handsome. 

Before my visit, I made some cookies for the family.  Mascarpone Oreo Snowflake Cookies- made from this recipe here by Kevin and Amanda.  They turned out super yummy.  When I posted that I was bring cookies with Oreos inside, Mr. Dad joked around that I was bringing "cannibal cookies."  Get it?  Cookies in a cookie? ;)  Anyhow, they are divine and such a big hit.  The parents and older brother and sister loved them.  Do you have a new recipe that you love?  Share it! :)

It's been a great weekend spending time with friends and getting some snuggle time with the new baby. 


Ashley@EisyMorgan said...

Nothing better than babies and cookies! ha This made me want to make some today..ohhhh the urge! Thanks for popping in to my blog, hope to get to know you better here in blogland!

Ashley@EisyMorgan said...

oh and make cookies, not baby's..ha ha ha!

Alaina said...

Thanks, Ashley! Yes, I had a laugh when I first read your comment about "making some today."
I don't blog too much, but I sure do love to read others and make things for my online shops. :) Maybe someday I'll build up my own blog.
I appreciate you stopping by. :)

Vegan Betty said...

What an excellent Idea! I'm gonna try this recipe and mention it on my blog: