Friday, July 2, 2010

Zippy Pouches

Who needs a kangaroo when you can have one of these sweet little zippy pouches!!
No two are exactly alike.  You can find other pictures here!
Prices start at just $10 plus $2 shipping.


Ashley said...

AHHHHH I want one of these! How cute! I just got my new iPhone and this would be perfect!

I received the burpies yesterday and they are as cute as always!
Thanks for continuing such a cute, well made item! I know she will love them for her little bundle of joy!
We are taking our burpies to the beach this weekend!
Thanks Alaina!

Alaina said...

Thank you for the wonderful compliments! They made my day. :)
I'm glad you got your order. I love the little monster fabric.
As long as your iPhone isn't in a case, it should fit just fine. :)